Chapter 5: Vespa

Two days later Nancy came home with a break.

“I may have found a lead on a Vespa 50 for ninety thousand lire. Is that good?”

“It’s great, Mom! I still haven’t beaten one-fifty anywhere, and most places are raising prices. It’s really hot this year.”

“I think you only have a choice of light blue or yellow.” Continue reading

Chapter 4: Jack

Unlike many companies, Smithson Italia did not work on Saturday. After sleeping in late, Joe walked to the Cavalieri Hilton Hotel to deposit his money in the night depository slot of the Bank branch. Nancy went with him, to pick up a new umbrella. Having a large luxury hotel right across the street was very convenient. The shops were expensive, but they were open late and on weekends. Continue reading

Chapter 2: The Job

“Oh, Scheiss!” Nancy shouted and slammed her fist on the desk. “They’re making a secretary out of me again.”

Joe heard the commotion in his room and came into his mother’s study. It was the best-furnished room in the apartment, with a large oak desk, a couch and coffee table, and two telephones. An antique engraved print by Piranesi hung on one wall, a view of the Roman Forum. Every horizontal surface was covered with papers. Smoke swirled around the desk lamp. Continue reading