The Saint Lawrence River

Mont-Tremblant-view1The ride from the Langlais cottage at 700 m of elevation to the Saint Lawrence River (elevation almost zero) was a blistering series of terrifying downhills and challenging climbs. Jack, Hilda and Emily were paying for the three weeks spent without their loaded panniers. Still, they stopped at particularly breathtaking overlooks to admire the view (and to slow down their heart rates).  Continue reading

The Laurentians

Cottage in laurentiansMaryse drove them into the Laurentians, where her parents lived. The “small place” had three guest rooms, because General Langlais and his wife remained hopeful and ready to host both their children at once. They arrived in the early evening. Continue reading

Québec City

view-summit-circle-belvedereKatherine and Mark flew to Montréal the weekend after Emily’s escape. Jacques and Maryse insisted on hosting them in the third guest bedroom. Except for some scabs from the scratches on her legs, Emily looked none the worse for her ordeal.  Continue reading