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Hello, reader. My name is JT Hine.


An author and translator living in North America and Europe, I grew up in Italy. Rome is my hometown. After a 24-year naval career in cruisers and destroyers, I spent ten years at the University of Virginia as Administrator of the Physics Department then Director of Housing (Management Services). I left the University in 2000 to focus full-time on translating and writing. In 2013, I packed my office and home into the panniers of my bicycle and rode out to see if I could live and work on the road. Here’s the list of places:

  • Climate Ride 2012: New York to Washington. A warmup to test myself.
  • GNI 2012: a three-week swing through New England to test the idea of working while touring.
  • Southern Swing 2013: Georgia, Texas, and Florida.
  • Northern Trek 2014: up the US East Coast to Canada, around the Maritime Provinces to New England and then to Chicago.
  • Europe 2015: Italy, Sicily, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, and back to Italy.
  • Intercontinental 2016: around the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), including three of the Camino de Santiago routes.
  • River Run 2017: the great rivers of Europe (Po, Danube, Main, Moselle, Rhine, Rhone, Garonne, Gironde, Tarn, etc.).

Having proven that the nomadic lifestyle works with a bicycle, I came back to Virginia to focus on writing fiction and non-fiction. While based out of Charlottesville, I continued to tour:

  • National Parks 2018: US Highway 89 (“the most scenic road in America”) a hiking and camping tour while I put some bone on my new hips. The only time I was NOT on a bicycle.
  • Eastern Shore 2019: Miami to Richmond VA along the coast.
  • New England 2019: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and New Brunswick.
  • Pandemic Pedalling 2020: Virginia and North Carolina.

I am now based in Norfolk, Virginia, watching the pandemic unfold and touring where I can:

  • Breaking Out 2021: US-58 from the Atlantic to the Cumberland Gap. US-89 from Glacier National Park to Flagstaff. The Ohio-to-Erie Trail (OTET) from Cincinnati to Cleveland. The Erie Canal Trail to Albany NY and the TD Five Boro Bike Tour of New York City. Martha’s Vineyard.
  • Touring 2022: The TD Five-Boro Bike Tour, the Hudson Valley, Rochester NY, Southern Ontario to Michigan, Cape Cod and the Island, Long Island.
  • Italia 2023: a three-month writer’s retreat to Sabaudia in Lazio.
  • Further adventures as they occur! Stay tuned.

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Email: jthine@freewheelingfreelancer.com.

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