cropped-sbux-sc-121016a.jpgThis blog began as an experiment: can one really ride a bicycle indefinitely while continuing to work? The point was not the bicycle, but the challenges of working on the road. A freelancer in an RV (caravan), a boat or a car could apply the lessons here, with more slack about what to take and less stress about what to leave behind. The answer was “yes”, and the journey of discovery took 3-1/2 years. In that time, the blog morphed into a personal journey, past and present, with an eye to practical tips and lessons learned.

The author, Jonathan Hine, is a freelance writer, translator, reviser, and editor. He has reconfigured his office to fit in the panniers of his bicycle and has tested it on ever longer rides. He welcomes comments and queries and will respond as they come and he can. 

heading out

heading out

In 2013, Jonathan rode what he called the Southern Swing 2013, through Georgia, Texas, and Florida. The Northern Trek 2014 took him up the US East Coast to Canada, around the Maritime Provinces to New England and then to Chicago. Europe 2015 (7 June – 21 September 2015) saw him travel through Italy, Sicily, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, and back to Italy. Intercontinental 2016 took him around the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), including three of the Camino de Santiago routes. River Run 2017 follows the great rivers of Europe (Po, Danube, Rhine, Rhone) in a 6-1/2- month odyssey.


photo: David Wilson

He took almost all the photos, except some European location photos from Google Images, and the photos of him in Charlottesville by Meredith Coe. (http://www.meredithcoephotography.com/).

You may follow him on Facebook (http://facebook.com/tradux).

Email: freewheeling@scriptorservices.com. 

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