About the blog

cropped-sbux-sc-121016a.jpgThis blog began as an experiment: can one really ride a bicycle indefinitely while continuing to work? The point was not the bicycle, but the challenges of working on the road. A freelancer in an RV (caravan), a boat or a car could apply the lessons here, with more slack about what to take and less stress about what to leave behind. The answer was “yes”, and the journey of discovery took 4 years. In that time, the blog morphed into a personal journey, past and present, with an eye to practical tips and lessons learned.

With the travelling temporarily paused, the blog now carries a serial novel with the working title Emily and Hilda. It will conclude in late 2018. Emily and Hilda is a working title, and there is a competition to name the story. Readers may suggest titles in comments or by email. Winner gets a copy of the book when it comes out in 2019.

Because the blog serves different readerships, you should use the “Categories” links on the right side of the Home Page to collect the posts that interest you. For example, you might want to group “Sea Stories”, “Emily and Hilda”, “bicycling” or “Working on the road” for your reading. The travelogues are gathered in the five journeys, one for each year 2013-2017. Enjoy!

I took almost all the photos, except for some location photos from Google Images, and the photos of me in Charlottesville by Meredith Coe. (http://www.meredithcoephotography.com/).

You may follow me on Facebook.

Email: jthine@freewheelingfreelancer.com

3 thoughts on “About the blog

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