Is there room at the inn? (not a Christmas story)

When riding long distances or travelling with an open-ended itinerary, one often does not know where one will stop for the night. Detailed planning quickly falls apart. This story from four years ago remains relevant today, in the middle of the travel season. I hope it helps. 
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Sea story: Growing up on a bike (1953-1963)

1952-Austin pedal carWhen I was four and five, Mom was the buyer for a national toy company. As you can imagine, we had obscene Christmases, because she could get the latest toys and games for wholesale or less. 1952-Princess_Elizabeth_watches_her_son_Prince_Charles_playing_in_his-toy carI remember having a pedal-powered Austin car identical to that of Prince Charles (his was green; mine was cream-coloured), and such luxuries. Continue reading

The Tour de France: recalling the Pyrénées

Photo: The Guardian

Last week, I enjoyed watching the Tour de France race through the countryside that Cheryl and I rode in the summer of 2017. On some stages, the helicopter photos of the mountains upstaged the drama on the road. Some of you joined this blog less than two years ago, and others have asked for more travelogue. This week, I revisit that ride with you. Enjoy! Continue reading


Lieutenant Mike Norwood cinched the chin strap under his helmet and checked the mirror over the tiny sink in his stateroom. He hoped that he did not look as terrified as he felt. The face was blank, he hoped. Nothing to it, just let them do their jobs. Continue reading

Sea story: Italy, then and now (1956-2019)

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Shifting gears

Dear readers —

Last Saturday, we wrapped up a few weeks of travelogue. The recent survey split evenly asking for travel, more Days of Lead and sea stories, so I will try to mix it up. I am compiling some sea stories, and I have written a short story featuring a character from Book 2 of the series that began with Days of Lead. 

Do you like this idea? I will leave the poll open, to see if your preferences move in one direction or another. Thank you for your input.