The Laurentians

Cottage in laurentiansMaryse drove them into the Laurentians, where her parents lived. The “small place” had three guest rooms, because General Langlais and his wife remained hopeful and ready to host both their children at once. They arrived in the early evening. Continue reading

Québec City

view-summit-circle-belvedereKatherine and Mark flew to Montréal the weekend after Emily’s escape. Jacques and Maryse insisted on hosting them in the third guest bedroom. Except for some scabs from the scratches on her legs, Emily looked none the worse for her ordeal.  Continue reading


TV dinner

Laura Donohue:

Jacques came home at six. Supper was a silent affair, with the TV continuing to carry wild speculation about Emily’s fate and no calls from their friends in law enforcement. After dinner, Hilda called Katherine.  Continue reading


Upper_WestmountMonday morning, Jacques rode to work, promising to come home for lunch with any developments or ideas at his end. Hilda and Jack promised to call if the authorities came up with anything. Jacques made sure that he had their cell numbers before he left. Continue reading


facon-generale-lavanderia-lieu-fortSitting out in the restaurant, Jack paid the bill. They waited.

“Jack,” said Hilda. “Did you notice the two men at the bar?”

“Not the same ones.”

“Yeah, but guys don’t go to the restroom together.” Continue reading

Summit Woods

How-to-use-a-French-press-1 (1)The next morning, Jack and Hilda were surprised to wake up well after dawn. Donning the white terry bathrobes and slippers on the bathroom door, they crept downstairs to find that no one was stirring in the house. Jack started the kettle while Hilda scooped coffee into the French press on the counter. They were putting out some juice and dishes when Emily came into the kitchen, also in a robe. Continue reading