“Don’t you just love small towns?” said Bill, as passed the local paper to them over breakfast. The Hartford Courant ran an article in the “Courant Community” about the police response to the supermarket, with a photo of the police cruisers outside, and full descriptions of the Fab Four. “I also got an alert on the Patch, which is a local on-line newspaper. These guys won’t have anywhere to hide.” Continue reading


“Good thing it’s Saturday,” said Hilda as they discussed the route over breakfast. “The last time I was here, getting past New Haven was an off-road adventure in a construction zone. We might be able to get through today.”  Continue reading

Skipping the Big Apple

sandy hook bike trailThe sun was already warming the sand and the picnic table as Jack, Hilda and Emily finished their breakfast. Less than an hour later they were buying their tickets for the hydrofoil ferry to Manhattan.

Jack pulled out his phone. “I’m sending these photos from Ted to you two. We should memorize their faces. If our paths cross, we need to spot them first.” Continue reading

The Jersey Shore

614-06336431Emily awoke with the rising sun burning into her eyes. She had forgotten to pull the shades. She leaped out of bed and looked out the window. The sea rippled with occasional white caps as it rolled up against the long line of white sand. The beach was almost deserted, except for one jogger, and a dozen sea gulls dive-bombing a torn garbage bag.  Continue reading

Atlantic City

2018-Cape HenlopenMV Cape Henlopen eased into the mooring at Cape May with only a slight bump. Emily, Hilda and Jack wheeled their bicycles down the ramp and soon were riding up Route 9. Between the commercial centers, the land was mostly sand and pine trees, with stretches of wetlands among the neighborhoods.  Continue reading

The Eastern Shore

ground fogEmily and Hilda draped their tents over a railing while they ate their muesli and yoghurt. The sun had climbed above the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel and was creating ground fog as it warmed the wetlands around the campground.  Continue reading