New York to Virginia: settling down for a while.

Tuesday, 17 October, I woke up in a pleasant, modern room in the Wyndham TRYP Hotel in midtown Manhattan. With plenty of time to catch a 1415 train, I did my stretches, showered, shaved, and packed my panniers for the last time. Catching breakfast at the Starbucks on the corner of 9th Avenue and 34th Street, I witnessed the Modern American Ballet in full form. Six baristas crammed behind a tiny counter took care of a line out the door with incredible efficiency, never once running into one another.  Continue reading

Stay tuned: the blog resumes on Saturday, 26 September

One should beware of promises that one cannot keep. In June, I meant to resume posting after the High School Reunion. Instead, I found that this year’s tour was not going to allow time to write. I took notes, and many pictures, which I will begin sharing in this year’s version of the school exercise, “What I did on my summer vacation.” The adventure took us all over Italy, Sicily, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro. The vacation is over, and Europe 2015 will end when I move into my new apartment this week.

Until then,

Smooth roads and tailwinds,


The Freewheeling Freelancer Stands Alone!

A big shoutout and a public thank you to you all for following this blog. After more than one year, it is clear that this blog is here to stay. This week, I purchased a domain name for it.

Tell your friends to remember this simple URL:

Stay tuned as the adventure continues and we continue to learn together.

Smooth roads and tailwinds,


Computer down: stay tuned.

The charger for my computer failed, and the computer ran down. The next three posts were taking shape there. I am clearing email using my phone, when I can find a Wifi connection.

The next two posts will consist of a back-to-school essay, “What I did on my summer vacation.” An extended trip update, it will include lessons learned from the six weeks I’ve spent bicycle touring and camping in Eastern Canada. I will continue working on them when I get a new charger. I hope that will be next week.

Smooth roads and tailwinds,


Midterm Review

Trip update. Last Saturday, Daniel and Joan took me to Montpelier, to visit the Onion River Sports Shop. I had an annoying click in my bottom bracket, and I was sure it had something to do with the bolts not being torqued properly. I purchased new pedals, and had the bottom bracket serviced properly. Continue reading

A time of transition

Florida feels like a lifetime ago, although I was in Jacksonville only last week.

It is too cold here!

It is too cold here!

As I rode to the PACEM rehearsal and concert, I felt like Charlie Brown in the comic strip. On Monday, we had 15-20 cm of powdery snow. Shoveling the driveway, I wondered if the Southern Swing had only been a dream. Only living out of my panniers reminded me that I was still “on the road”. The bounce box from Jacksonville was stuck in the UPS warehouse outside Charlottesville. Continue reading

It’s your turn: how would you like your blog?

Trip update: This is the end of the Southern Swing 2013. Yesterday, I rolled into Charlottesville, Virginia on a Greyhound bus from Jacksonville, Florida. Five months, 4,500 km, five States and dozens of towns, large and small. I promised my son and myself that I would devote a full month to organizing my stuff and the next trip, and that meant being back by 1 March. Today, I am singing a concert with the Oratorio Society of Virginia to benefit PACEM, an interfaith ministry that houses the homeless in our city’s places of worship during the winter months (

It is NOT the end of this blog. Coming up: the Northern Trek 2014. I will be laying out the broad strokes in the coming month, and report out on it as soon as I have something. Posts will continue at 1400 every Saturday. PLEASE CONTINUE READING. Continue reading