1. I am a writer, a translator, and I ride a bicycle. I am not a lawyer, physician, financial consultant, investment advisor, or a clergyman of any denomination. Please seek out one of those for professional advice in their respective fields.
  2. All opinions, suggestions, and lessons learned are my own unless a citation or attribution is given.
  3. The “sea stories” come from my personal life experiences. They may not be verifiably precise at all times in minute detail, thanks to the passage of time, and to the priority that I give to the narrative, the lesson, or the sheer entertainment value of the tale.
  4. The names in the sea stories are always changed, except for obvious, public personalities.
  5. My writing style may include a fictional vignette to illustrate a point, or explain something (especially if it is intangible). These vignettes are always written in the third person. Non-fiction (e.g., the sea stories and trip updates) is written in the first person.
  6. I am human; therefor, I make mistakes. Please contact me if something troubles you, or if you think that I have slipped (jthine@freewheelingfreelancer.com).
  7. General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR). This blog is governed by the privacy policies of WordPress (https://automattic.com/privacy-notice/). If you contact me by email, I will handle it as individual correspondence.


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