El Camino del Norte: Deba to Ribadeo

dscn1575Monday, 5 September. Dawn came late as is usual in these parts. If it weren’t for the hikers setting their alarms, we would have slept until the sun came up after 0830. Spain occupies the same longitudes as England, but keeps Western European (Continental) time. During Daylight Saving Time, that makes the sun some up (and go down) two hours later than solar time. We never got used to that. Continue reading

Travel to Mexico for a sea story

This week, my author website features another sea story, which also happens to be a travel adventure. Come on over to the author’s blog




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Come back next week to continue our ride on the Camino del Norte. Follow this blog to get automatic reminders, with a link.

Smooth roads and tailwinds,



El Camino del Norte: San Sebastian to Deba

dscn1620The votes coming in from the poll indicate twice as much interest in travel stories than the other categories. Second place: the stories at my author page. So, grab a cup of whatever and join me for a special journey. The Way of Saint James (El Camino de Santiago in Spanish) was inaugurated in 831 AD. For almost 1300 years, pilgrims have walked (and now biked) to the Cathedral in Western Spain where the Biblical apostle James is buried.  Continue reading