Guest post: Freelancing vs. Entrepreneurship II

Walt Kania continues with “the rest of the story.” I will be back with a report on the Bologna Book Fair next. Meanwhile, smooth roads and tailwinds. Jonathan. 


by Walt Kania

Is entrepreneurship somehow a more worthy calling than freelancing? Some people think so. I disagree. True, in some circles, the ‘entrepreneur’ carries many more status points. The entrepreneur is the capitalist hero. He is Andrew Carnegie, Michael Dell, and the guys who invented Google. The kids who sold YouTube for a few billion. The freelancer,…

via Freelancers vs. entrepreneurs: II — The Freelancery

2 thoughts on “Guest post: Freelancing vs. Entrepreneurship II

  1. My dear Jon…just got through reading the Guest Post: Freelancing vs. Entrepreneurship I & II by Walt Kania and wanted to tell you I found it very interesting and informative! Now, to be truthful, I’ve never given either of these subjects any consideration, but I found the information given brought both subjects to light (a little “light bulb” went off in my Appalachian brain!). I know I hadn’t heard much on Freelancing until you became involved in it. So anyway…keep up the good work! I have enjoyed everything you’ve posted…and have greatly enjoyed your stories about the places I’ve actually been to and have good memories about. Where are you presently? Be careful – stay safe. Always, Jan[💕]


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