Stay tuned. This blog will open soon.

This blog will feature posts on the subject of riding one’s bicycle solo while continuing to work. The author, Jonathan Hine, is not retired and is not independently wealthy. However, he is a freelancer (writer, translator, reviser, editor). There is no reason in the 21st Century why he needs to work in the basement of his house or a leased loft in a city. He has reconfigured his office to fit in the rear pannier of his bicycle and has tested it on ever longer-distance rides. Being a sailor, he describes his office as “stowed on the starboard quarter,” but you’ll get used to that sort of language.

In the summer of 2013, the first series of posts will describe the preparations and lessons learned from the Climate Ride 2012, a ride to the ATISA Conference in South Texas, and a 676-km tour of New England. Organizing for the 2013 “Southern Swing” is in progress. The present plan is to ride south across the Plains to Fort Worth and San Antonio, attend the ATA Conference, then ride and bus to Tampa, Florida. Whether he returns home after that remains to be seen. The weekly posts will describe the ride, with a focus on challenges and solutions for working while travelling by bicycle without sag support (a following car or truck). Intermodal challenges, such as getting on and off a bus or train for part of the trip, have already been met, and will be tested further on the Southern Swing.

We hope you enjoy the reading and the ride.

Smooth roads & tailwinds,

Jonathan, your cycling translator

5 thoughts on “Stay tuned. This blog will open soon.

  1. Hi Jonathan
    What a great idea, i also am a cycling translator (pro job – but i prefer the comforts of home from which to do my translating (french>english) than to hit the big wide roads. Also i’m not a long haul man but prefer racing in low-key criteriums here in C. France, so we’re not even talking about the same distances. I admire you for what you have embarked upon. I’ll keep an eye on your progress and as the french would say wish you “bon vent”.


      • Jonathan,
        By all means (more a village though than a town- we can scrape together a boulangerie (bread appalling and a restaurant – that is about to change hands for the umpteenth time, but my wife’s cooking makes up for the local shortfalls so you’re always welcome)
        Thank you too for your comments.
        Bon courage et à bientôt


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